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Female dog names from ancient Rome

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I am often asked for advice naming a new dog. In this new series I'm going to share some great ideas to get you inspired. Stay tuned for more names for cats and dogs!

If you want to draw inspiration from the Romans, the possibilities are pretty much endless! Here I have compiled some ideas to help you find that cool, cute or funny name for your furry companion.

Name your dog like a goddess

You don't need to compromise on gravitas here.

Juno, queen of the gods, is the obvious option, but why not opt for something a bit more quirky?

How about Luna, goddess of the Moon, or Pax, goddess of peace?

Short and easy female dog names

If you want to grab your dog’s attention straightaway, a short, catchy name is a great option.

Lux (light) would befit a white dog, while Nox (night) would be a great option for a dark one.

You could also go for cute little names; consider Flos (flower) or Sal (salt)

Roman celebrities

Rome was not short of famous names. You could go for Catullus’ inspiration, Lesbia, aim high with an empress like Livia or Messalina, or even go exotic with something like Cleopatra, which – fair enough - had a Greek name but managed to have children with both Caesar and Marcus Antonius!

Latin names for bones

Dogs love bones. Why not name your dog like one? I am still to meet a dog called Costa (rib), Ulna (elbow bone) or Coccyx (tailbone) – which by the way means ‘cuckoo-bird’ in Greek.

If I had a female dog I would probably call her Ossa: Bones.

How about you?

Get more Latin and Greek in your life!

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