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Learning languages and enjoying literature is a very important part of my life, and I am on a mission to get everyone learning!


I greatly enjoyed a degree in Classics: I learnt Latin and Ancient Greek, and dipped my toes in some other Indoeuropean languages such as Gothic, Sanskrit and Hittite. I also sought opportunities for travel and learnt German, French and English. You can read some of the work I did on the Romani language here.

After over fifteen years teaching in secondary schools in the United Kingdom and Spain, with subjects in the MFL and Classics range, I decided to work from home and help others do the same. Before that, I was Head of Classics in Northwood College for Girls GDST, but I have also worked across a variety of settings, including state schools and private tutoring. At the moment, I am combining professional Latin and Greek tutoring with taking care of my two young children. I am an active member of the Tutors' Association as well the ARLT, and hold QTS and a current DBS certificate. 

I currently teach some group courses on Outschool. You can check my reviews there and also look at my offering. If you are new to Outschool, you will get a $20 discount for your first booking:

My main areas of study are multilingualism and language change. I am always finding better ways to understand how language learning works and how it affects the way we understand literature. Students that take both an MFL and Classics will find that I help them develop their ability to compare and contrast languages, and learn skills that can be applied across the Humanities. I am currrently working on resources for students of all abilities, from ESL to learners with dyslexia. I have a Level 2 certificate from the British Dyslexia association and also have recently finished a course on Dyslexia and Foreign Language teaching. You can view my certificate here.

When I am not working, you can find me mudlarking on the foreshore of the river Thames - feel free to ask about my archaeological finds! I used to be a PADI scuba diving instructor, but since moving to the UK most of my dedication to the underwater world goes to learning with the Nautical Archaeological Society. If you wonder about shared hobbies, my favourite subjects are cooking, travelling, History, and art and crafts - especially linocut printing!

I keep very active in the Classics community, and apart from my blog I write book reviews. You can read some examples of my reviews here and here. I am always happy to have a chat or informal assessment, please just click here to get in touch. 

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