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Best Free Online Tools that will make you want to Learn Latin

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

If you learn a modern language, there is a world of resources out there to keep you entertained and motivated. But how about Latin? Is it difficult to find and try new tools and resources? Not anymore!

In this blog post, I will list my favourite tools for learning Latin on the go. They are great for additional revision and consolidation, or to try a method before you invest in a specific Latin learning course.

Latin learning books
You do not need to invest in the books straightaway: try out their online content first.

Swapping mindless internet browsing for some Latin practice online is easy! Input and exposure to a language are crucial to learning: the more time you spend time immersing yourself in the world of Latin, the faster it will become a natural part of you.

Scroll down for a list of my favourite hubs to learn Latin online, in no particular order. And if you have any suggestions you would like me to add, please contact me and I will look into it.

Latinitium has released this A-MA-ZING tool so that you can read and listen to Latin texts at your chosen level from pretty much anywhere. The quality of the audio is fabulous, and some of the texts come with a read-along version. It is great value if you are currently reading a large amount of novella - which can add up if bought individually!

The free version is a good starting point, but I am not going to lie: you will probably want to get a monthly subscription pretty soon! If you would like a 10% discount, use the code LATTUT10 at the checkout after clicking here.

Here you can discover the beautiful writing of prolific novella author Rachel Beth Cummings. As with Legentibus, you can have a good taste of the quality of the product before you commit to getting the licences or buying the novellas. A great starting point are the Latin short stories, which can easily be read online.

This is a fantastic project that makes Latin (and Greek) accessible through entertaining videos, podcasts and even a twitch channel! They have recently started a Patreon page as well, and they are definitely one you must follow!

If you have a Minecraft player in the house, Magistercraft videos will be an irresistible pull to learn more Latin. The Divus Magistercraft Youtube channel, which has amassed thousands of views, is full of fun and accessible videos about the ancient world, all in Latin! The website also has some easy readers of the Aeneid that are a good introduction to the vocabulary of the stories.

Irene Regini speaks beautiful Latin and creates high-quality materials for students of all levels. You can take a look at her Latin podcasts for beginners, or tuck into her prolific Latin Youtube channel for a more visual approach.

Legonium: where Latin meets Lego

Well, the title says it all: hours of fun guaranteed! Learning with a visual aid is particularly effective, and Legonium uses this to great effect. Whether you love Lego or not, this is definitely a great site to help you memorise your Latin vocabulary and have some fun along the way. The author also has a very active Twitter account that will bring a lot of joy to your news feed.

Duolingo for English speakers

There is plenty of exposure here, including nicely pronounced examples. I generally have a couple of languages on the go, as the points and rewards system makes it quite fun to keep going. So if you are after drilling in the structure of the language and hearing words repeatedly, this is your tool. It's a winner.

Browse through the books and test your knowledge with this very helpful tool from CUP. This site is the deal-breaker for those in formal education, particularly with the UK curriculum. If you are preparing for GCSE Latin, OCR or otherwise, this has most of the starting knowledge you need.

Yes, that's the Pope's Twitter account. And yes, it is in Latin! No more comment is needed; just start following! Why not join in with some Latin tweets?

I am just getting started on my Twitter, but you may want to check out my regular contributions to the Latin community on this platform. I chat about my everyday life and experiment with neolatin. You also get a bonus Catalan content here and there!

Getting started on Classical Latin by the Open University

The Open University has a great introductory course to Latin. It is a fantastic option if you want to look in a bit more depth into the history of the language and understand where learning Latin may take you. If you enjoy this course, you can then keep practising with their free online vocabulary tester. The entire suite is very rigorous, and you can even get a certificate upon completion!

Latin Language Spoken by Scorpio Martianus

On this youtube channel entirely in Ancient Greek and Latin, you can learn Latin as a living language. It also has a host of links to other youtube videos. This is a great place to get familiar with active Latin and communicative approaches to the languages. If you look at related YouTube videos, you will also find activities based on Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata.

From flashcards to pronunciation guides, those following Wheelock's course will want to check their very comprehensive website.

On my website, you can find a section with useful resources to revise Latin vocabulary and grammar. These are great to consolidate specific topics for 13+, GCSE, A Level and AP Latin. But don't stop there: the internet is full of free resources that are great to complement your learning, particularly if you want to give active Latin a go and start using the language for conversation.

You can currently access the first two chapters of this outstanding course on their website. It is a great way to try their method and see if the storyline appeals before committing to a subscription.

Are you considering getting some structured help alongside these free resources? Book a free consultation to see if we are a match!

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