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Learn Latin on the go - for free!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Swap mindless internet browsing for some Latin practice online. Input and exposure to a language are key to learning, why not benefit from it? The more you spend time immersing yourself in the world of Latin the faster it will become a natural part of you!

Scroll down for a list of my favourite hubs to learn Latin online:

1. Duolingo for English speakers

There is plenty of exposure here, including nicely pronounced examples. I generally have a couple of languages on the go, as the system of points and rewards make it quite fun to keep going. If you are after drilling in the structure of the language and hearing words repeatedly, this is your tool. It’s a winner.

2. Legonium: where Latin meets Lego

Well, the title says it all: hours of fun guaranteed! Learning with a visual aid is particularly effective, and Legonium uses this to great effect. Wether you love Lego or not, this is definitely a great site to help you memorise your Latin vocabulary and have some fun along the way. The author also has a very active Twitter account that will bring a lot of joy to your news feed.

Mercury, Hermes for the Romans, would approve of learning Latin anytime, anywhere!
Mercury, the messenger god

3. Cambridge Latin Course

Browse through the books and test your knowledge with this very generous tool from CUP. This is the deal breaker for those in formal education, particularly with the UK curriculum. If you are preparing for GCSE Latin, OCR or otherwise, this has most of the starting knowledge you are looking for.

4. https://twitter.com/Pontifex_ln

Yes, that's the Pope’s twitter account. And yes, it is in Latin! No more comment needed, just start following! Why not join in with some Latin comments?

5. Getting started on Classical Latin by the Open University

The Open University has a great introductory course to Latin. This is a fantastic option if you want to look in a bit more depth into the history of the language, and understand where learning Latin may take you. If you enjoy this course, you can then keep practising with their free online vocabulary tester. The full suite is very rigorous, and you can even get a certificate upon completion!

6. Latin Language Spoken

On this youtube channel you can learn Latin as a living language. It also has a host of links to other youtube videos.

7. Wheelock's Latin

From flashcards to pronunciation guides, those followingthe Wheelock's course will want to check their very comprehensive website.

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