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Free resources for teaching and learning Latin and Greek

Feel free to use my resource library!

Over the years, I have created hundreds of resources for me and my students. Some of them you can purchase on my TES author website or find in my Classics blog. Below, you can also get a taste of some of the resources that I share with my students as part of their courses.


We also use plenty of Kahoot, Blooket and other interactive resources. If you are a teacher and would like to enquire about these for use in class, please just get in touch, as they are not included below. 

I have arranged them by topic. Just click below to access them:


13+, GCSE and beginners' Latin

These resources are perfect if you are learning with the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 or Book 2 (best known as CLC amongst students!) or De Romanis.  They are also good support for OCR GCSE Latin exam preparation and 13+ Latin ISEB revision. 

Vocabulary posters

Check out these examples!








Here are some games to practise your grammar and vocabulary:

Latin vocabulary for the summer
Latin words for people OCR GCSE
Latin first conjugation poster
Latin Learning Games
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If you need help getting started with vocabulary. You can download my "10 Ways to Learn Latin Vocabulary" cheat sheet:



I also host a Latin Tutor Online youtube channel, where I will be talking about the most common vocab learning mistakes in Latin, strategies to learn grammar for GCSE and A-Level and much more. Remember that if you are one of my students, you can ask for access to private customised instructional videos as well!

Recently, I have been discussing the difference between the Imperfect and the Perfect in Latin (this goes to all of you struggling with CLC stage 6!). Click here to check my free Latin lessons in 30 seconds!

13+, GCSE and beginners' Greek

For those learning Greek, I provide plenty of online and paper-based resources to practise the language at home. 

Here are some examples:

Here is a cheat sheet about the Greek and Roman gods and their roles,

just click on it to download it



















Stay tuned via my weekly news to look for other fun ways to learn Latin and Greek, or just follow my Instagram for some beautiful inspiration. 

Powerpoints to help you revise vocabulary:

Greek and Roman gods cheat sheet.jpg
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