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Latin vocabulary posters

These resources are perfect if you are learning with Cambridge Latin Course Book 1 or Book 2 (best known as CLC amongst students!) or De Romanis.  They are also good support for OCR GCSE Latin exam preparation and A Level Latin preparation. Most students struggle with similar areas of vocab, and these are some of the posters I use in my Latin lessons. 

In order to learn a word, you need to encounter it often and in multiple contexts. It is also of great help if you can link it to a visual representation. Here are some example of useful posters, you can also download them here








Latin vocabulary for the summer
Latin words for people OCR GCSE
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Latin Learning Games

I have now created a Latin Tutor Online youtube channel, where I will be talking about the most common vocab learning mistakes in Latin, strategies to learn grammar for GCSE and A Level and much more. Remember that if you are one my students, you can ask for access to private customised instructional videos as well. 

Recently, I have been discussing the difference between the Imperfect and the Perfect in Latin (this goes to all of you struggling with CLC stage 6!). Click here to check my free Latin lessons in 30 seconds!

Stay tuned via my weekly news to look for other fun ways to learn Latin.

Coming up soon:

  • Those pesky 'prae'- words

  • Focus on 'in'

  • Focus on 'ab'

  • The prepositions

  • The Ablative Absolute

  • Ovid A Level vocabulary poster

  • Virgil iGCSE Book 6

Powerpoints to help you revise vocabulary: