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Latin GCSE

Ana Martin Latin Tutor picture

People assume that Latin is very difficult.

Students are often given long vocabulary lists to learn

by heart and endless grammar tables with all the endings. 

Plus, there are the set texts to "memorise".

But does it really need to be that complicated?

I will show you how to aim for a top grade

in a simple, fun and motivating way.

How do I help with GCSE Latin?

My mission is to make Latin easy, accessible and enjoyable. I engage all four skills in my lessons, and students have access to a personalised set of tools to help them acquire the grammar in a natural, exciting and effective way.

I help prepare for OCR GCSE as well as EDUQAS and iGCSE. As a CI examiner, I have learned the specifications inside out and will ensure you know how to reach the top grades. 

As part of my tutoring package, students get the following:

  • One-to-one sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes (agreed on initial assessment)

  • Bespoke learning materials, including unlimited access to my course Latin Grammar Revision for GCSE: the key to boost your results

  • Suburani login to access online activities 

  • Feedback on homework marked between sessions

  • Personalised videos and resources as and when needed

  • Access to high-quality mock papers created by me and not accessible elsewhere

  • ad hoc help to understand Latin through other languages. I am an MFL specialist fluent in Spanish, German, French, Catalan, and my love of linguistics is contagious.

I will not do any of the following:

  • Give you access to papers that your current teacher might want to use to gauge progress: their assessments are separate, and they must be completed without help

  • Do your class homework together: I can give you similar exercises, but you must complete your schoolwork individually.

  • Guarantee a particular result: what I do is work hard to accelerate grades and give you regular feedback on predicted outcomes, so that you know where you stand and can work towards realistic goals. 

If you ready to boost your Latin, book your complimentary assessment now:

If you would like to start in a self-paced manner, check out my

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