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Classical Greek

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Learning Classical Greek is not anymore restricted to those who attend the few schools that offer it. 

I offer zero to hero support for ICCG as well as preparation for OCR GCSE in ancient Greek. 

My Greek courses

Have you been told that Greek is only reserved for the most clever of all students and that you can only do it if you attend a highly selective school? 

This is simply not true. Classical Greek is a language like any other, and it is accessible and enjoyable. I engage all four skills in my lessons, and students make great progress because they love ancient history and engage deeply with Greek mythology.

How do my courses work?

One-to one Greek tutoring:

I will work very closely with the textbook that your teacher has chosen. This is usually Taylor's Greek to GCSE 1 and Greek to GCSE 2, which is a course I know very well. I also supplement it with my own online materials and printable resources, which are great for self-paced learning. 

Saturday Classical Greek sessions:

On Saturday mornings I offer small group sessions (3-5 students) to prepare for the ICCG examination. 

These classes are also suitable for GCSE students who need to revise their Y10 foundations, or A-Level students who are looking for an exciting extracurricular activity.

All courses include access to self-paced revision activities and an online hub to discuss homework.

To book, please email me or fill in the registration form below:

11:05 am

Classical Greek for Beginners Part 1

A course to learn Greek from scratch and start working towards the ICCG exam.

12:00 pm

​Classical Greek for Intermediate students

A course for those who are on the first half of their GCSE (or equivalent) or preparing for the ICCG exam.

13:00 pm

Classical Greek for Beginners Part 2

A course for those who have basic knowledge of Greek. This is suitable preparation for the ICCG exam.

If you are ready to get started or want to boost your Greek, book your complimentary assessment now:

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