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KS3 and
Common Entrance

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Students can start struggling early with Latin because

  • their textbook is full of vocabulary they have not learned;

  • they memorise the grammar but don't know how to use it;

  • their shaky foundation has resulted in a snowball effect and they have mountains to learn.

I can show them how to learn in a simple, fun and motivating way so that they can achieve the top mark they deserve.

How do I help with beginners' Latin?

My mission is to make Latin easy, accessible and enjoyable. I engage all four skills in my lessons, and students have access to a personalised set of tools to help them acquire the grammar in a natural, exciting and effective way.

I support learning with all main Latin textbooks:


Cambridge Latin Course

Latin to GCSE 1 and Latin to GCSE 2

Essential Latin to GCSE

Latin for Common Entrance

De Romanis

I will make sure that your child learns the vocabulary needed for the type of exam that each of the methods above entails. I have extensive experience with these courses and 

regularly create popular learning resources. 

As part of my tutoring package, students get the following:

  • One-to-one sessions of 30 or 45 minutes (agreed on initial assessment)

  • Bitpaper to keep track of the work

  • Bespoke learning materials

  • Access to Suburani online to use complete exercises

  • Feedback on homework marked between sessions when needed

  • Personalised videos and resources as and when needed

  • Access to high-quality mock papers created by me and not accessible elsewhere

  • ad hoc help to understand Latin through other languages. I am an MFL specialist fluent in Spanish, German, French, Catalan, and my love of linguistics is contagious.

If you ready to boost your Latin, book your complimentary assessment now:

segovia aqueduct
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