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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Is the presence of Latin in the timetable causing you alarm? I have some great news: not everything you have heard about this much-feared subject is true!

Myth 1: Latin is boring

The Romans were not bored, so why should you be? The decisive factor will be your learning arrangements.

There are not many other subjects where you move from Greek mythology to volcanic eruptions while singing along to friendly tunes in an ancient language!

Myth 2: Latin is hard to learn

Despite the constant claims about its structure, Latin is a language like any other and it can be learnt in an interactive way. Sometimes your teacher will require you to read complex literary texts or analyse the grammar in a passage, which you may find challenging.

However, this is not about Latin itself, but about a new skill that you are acquiring alongside it: you are learning the language and learning to think about languages!

Myth 3: Latin is dead

Yes and No. Technically a dead language is one with no community of native speakers left, which is the case of Latin. However, that does not mean that it is extinct. Latin is alive and well in our cultural life, and it lives on through the languages has contributed to or, more specifically, become!

Do you want to have a little Latin taster online? Check out this blog post about freely available resouces.

Pop a question in the comments if you still have doubts about what learning Latin involves. I will make sure you get some information back!

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