Ask me your questions!

Why learn Latin with a tutor?

Being away from school, having special educational needs or simply wanting to learn languages in a different way can keep people away from Classics. I will help you grasp the subject and gain confidence so that you can achieve the results that you want, enrich your life and succeed on your way to university. Classics can become the door to your first career choice and, as importantly, it will change the way you think about the world and yourself!

Do you teach group lessons?

I can arrange group lessons on demand, but I also offer a chance to work in an international environment through my classes in Outschool. I teach both short and long courses designed

for learners ages 7-18. 

Will I need to travel for my lessons?

Not if you do not want to do so. I am based in Richmond, London, where I teach in person, but most of my work is virtual Latin tutoring. You can book my services anywhere in the world, from Brighton to Hong Kong. I am also an active Latin advocate on social media, and involved in a variety of networks, from Youtube to Pinterest. 

What are your qualifications?

I hold QTS valid in the United Kingdom and Spain, and have plenty of teaching experience in both countries, including as Head of Department (Latin and Classical Civilisation) at Northwood College for Girls GDST. I am currently a member of the ARLT, which is a very active association of Latin Teachers in the United Kingdom. 

Staying updated with the latest teaching methods is important for me, and I recently finished my latest course on Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching. You can view my certificate here

I am a professional tutor and a member of the Tutors' Association and have worked in Germany, Spain and England. I am on the updated DBS service.

References and further information available on request, as well as in my about page

I graduated with a Classical Philology degree from the University of Barcelona, and have EOI certificates for German, French and English, as well as the ZOP  from the Goethe Institut and a Català D certficate. For a taste of my visually appealing resources, check out my youtubechannel or my free resources page, where I have made a few examples available. 


How will you make sure I achieve my goals?

After an initial consultation, I will help you with a personal plan that takes into account the following:

  • Learning Latin vocabulary and grammar starting from the languages you speak, either as a native or as an MFL

  • Your target grade and how to reach it in the time available

  • Your strengths and any learning difficulties

All my courses are dyslexia friendly, and I create free resources to suit the needs of the Latin learning  student. 

Can you teach in other languages?

I currently teach in English, Spanish and Catalan. I also speak German, French and Italian, and have an interest in comparative linguistics; many students find that this helps them greatly if they are also learning or are indeed speakers of any of those languages.

Why should I pay for a professional tutor?

I work as a tutor professionally and charge 70 pounds per hour. I keep up to date with training and belong to the relevant professional bodies. You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. I also accept payments in dollars at $90 per hour. 

 Can you help with specific exams?

I teach the full Classics range, from 13+ to university entrance. Please visit my courses page to find out more about examining boards and levels of study.